ACT (Access Counter IED Technology)


Compact, light weight and mobile. The ACT system can be disassembled into a small portable package, under 40 lb. and capable of being stored in a rucksack. The system is extremely easy to operate and can be reassembled and operational in minutes.


ACT employs Assisted Target Recognition (ATR) software specifically designed to highlight concealed objects such as explosives, guns, knives, and liquids.


ATR allows real time image filtering complete with highlights to enhance detection.


IP-500: Adds Capability and Detection to Infrared Imagers


The IP-500 is an add-on component that can be transparently integrated into existing infrared detection systems, greatly increasing the ability of IR sensors to detect, in real time, PBIEDs (person borne improvised expolsive devices).

This includes detection of plstic, liquid, powder and gel explosives commonly used by suicide bombers, hidden beneath clothing.




Hawkeye: Loss Prevention Systems


Real-time Person-Borne Analysis to Detect Concealed Objects


• Multiple Operator Filter Options and Views

• Expandable Up to 4 Sensors Per Console

• No Privacy Invasion

• No Radiation Emitted

• Detects Liquids/Drugs/Documents and More