Detects Non-Metals including Liquids, Gels, Powders and Plastic Explosives

ACT compliments existing security measures such as metal detectors by detecting items a metal detector can miss, including non-ferrous metals, powders, liquids, gels, plastics, composites, glass and plastic explosives. These items, especially flammable liquids/gels, C4 plastic explosives, explosive powders and possible explosives containers (PVC pipes, plastic and glass containers, etc) will pass through a metal detector undetected.





Industry First: No Privacy Concerns

The ACT system works by imaging the temperature of the human body and detects objects blocking or otherwise attenuating your normal heat signature. The system does not peer underneath clothing or image/reveal anatomical features. There are never privacy concerns since there are never explicit images.



Unrestricted Movement: Inspect Individuals or Crowds

ACT does not require individuals to queue in a line or be scanned individually scanned, like a metal detector. It works with unstructured crowds and in real-time, allowing fully convert operation.



Advanced Target Tracking

ACT’s advanced target tracking software allowing the system to automatically identify subjects in the sensor’s field of view, analyze their person for concealed objects, and “lock-on” each subject as they move through the field of view, in real time. ACT’s software is borne from 35+ years experience in the security, automated inspection and machine vision industries.



Assisted Target Recognition

ACT’s assisted target recognition algorithms instantly identify concealed objects and areas of concern, complete with full color computer-generated highlights overlaying the affected areas. Additionally, the system automatically activates an audible alarm alerting an operator to the presence of a concealed object.



Real-time Operation

The ACT sensors and software image and detect in real-time, analyzing the scene many times per second. Results are immediate and instantly displayed on the ACT display screen. The ACT system offers break-through DVR controls allowing the user to pause, rewind, forward fast and record past and present events. The ACT system automatically retains the last 20 minutes of video internally without operator intervention. For permanent archival, the record feature saves past or current video and settings as AVI video files to the system’s disk drive.



Multi-Spectral Analysis

Thermal Matrix has years experience with IR and multi-spectral analysis including millimeter wave, terahertz, ultraviolet and visible wavelength imagers. No one has more experience designing, integrating and deploying multi-spectral solutions to military and commercial uses.