About Us


Accurate and Reliable Object Detection Systems


Thermal Matrix is dedicated to developing the most advanced, accurate and reliable object detection systems anywhere. We are committed to saving lives through the use of long range early detection systems for: Concealed Weapons Detection, Threat Identification, Loss Prevention and Medical Screening.

Thermal Matrix excels at sensor evaluation, systems integration, rapid prototyping and providing the necessary training personnel on site and in the field. Our team of professionals consist of a unique mix of talent that includes program management, engineering, electrical and mechanical systems technicians, test, manufacturing, quality assurance, training, and in-house and field support.Securing our forcesThe genesis of TM USA combines years of experience including U.S. Military and Government Organizations, Aerospace Industry, Academia and Advanced Technology manufacturing companies.



  • TM supports the Nation’s Security Forces with state-ofthe– art technology that will detect concealed weapons, explosives and contraband at standoff ranges.
  • TM integrates Best-In-Class Sensor Technology. This offers the end users a wide variety of hardware combinations that will ultimately meet their requirements.
  • TM designs Modular System-of- Systems configurations that include Trailer mounted, Vehicle mounted, Transit Case, and Tripod mounted hardware.
  • TM develops unique Algorithms supporting Aided Target recognition and Sensor/Image fusion software developments.