Multi-Spectral Surveillance

Thermal Matrix is a global leader in multi-spectral imaging and surveillance for Commercial and Defense applications including Concealed Object Detection of contraband, stolen items and threats, protecting people, property and privacy.

About us

Thermal Matrix has vast experience in multi-spectral imaging including Infrared, Visible, Millimeter Wave and Terahertz imaging. Originally concentrating on the war on terror with advanced defense-oriented product for the US Military and Government agencies, Thermal Matrix has created an all-new, from-the-ground-up surveillance system for commercial use with the ability to support 16 cameras, motion detection, image enhancement, and concealed object detection for contraband, stolen items and threats, protecting people, property and privacy.

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Thermal Matrix is headquartered in Tampa, Florida near MacDill AFB and the Tampa Convention Center and 9 miles from Tampa International Airport. Commercial Product and Dealer inquires can be directed to: Janet Kumpu, COO 813-222-3225. Defense Product and Dealer inquires can be directed to: Richard Salem, CEO 813-222-3201. Technical inquires can be directed to Bill Reinpoldt, CTO 813-222-3282.

Thermal Matrix

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Multi-Spectral Surveillance System

Automated Day/Night Video Surveillance

Thermal Matrix’s new multi-spectral surveillance system provides remote surveillance of multiple scenes using any combination of visible and infrared sensors including SWIR, MWIR and LWIR providing unparalleled day/night surveillance of entry and exit points, perimeters and events. The system supports IP and Gig-E imagers, Webcams and legacy analog sensors, providing multi-camera displays, DVR features, image stabilization, motion detection, digital zoom and a wide spectrum of features. Advanced motion detection allows selected video feeds to blank during no motion, simplifying the task of security personnel.

Concealed Object Detection

The system is ideal for detection of concealed objects such as contraband, currency and stolen items. It can detect smuggled liquor and contraband entering stadiums and cruise ship/airline gates, drugs and currency entering at border crossings and stolen items from exiting warehouses, retail stores and office buildings. The system detects concealed objects by imaging the body’s naturally occurring heat signature and detecting objects under clothing that block or attenuate that heat signature.

Field-Proven Experience

Thermal Matrix systems are fielded by Law Enforcement agencies and have been field tested for surveillance and concealed object detection at Hospitals, Cruise Line Terminals and high-security office Buildings. The system’s operator console displays real-time imaging, tracking and detection results supporting up to 16 real-time video feeds from color CCTV cameras, thermal imagers, and TM-designed virtual cameras. The system can additionally display floor plan and mapping information assisting security personnel.

Deployments and Vetting

Typical deployments for the Thermal Matrix Multi-Spectral Surveillance system include check-points, building entrances and exits, sporting events and venues, customs, field operations/surveillance, and other locations needing an extra tier of security for detection of day/night movement and concealed contraband or stolen items. The system’s Loss Prevention capabilities can stem the tide of inventory shrinkage by detecting theft as it occurs. The system leverages TM’s vast experience in delivering single and multi-spectral imaging systems in an all new product including from-the-ground-up software and sensor development to leverage the latest commercial digital color in infrared sensor technology.